Friday, September 4, 2009

The first One

VERY late to start a blog about technical stuff .....

My chosen career path and passion is technology especially computer science.I never had a computer before my first year of engineering so the curiosity and guts to experiment has taught me a lot which is still infinitely small.

It started with assembling my first PC without any clue of hardware [ mind blasting tension when i switched on the power for the first time :) ]. 2 months of windows xp and then a friend came and installed Kororaa a Gentoo based linux distro . Without any manual pages and no clue about the OS it was quite a learning experience to fool around. It took 2 months to finally install compiz, xgl correctly working. Then soon I had 4 OS's running which included MAC OSX 10.4 x86.

So lots of interesting hacks, tricks and tips that I use will be the main content of this blog and even doubts..... i have loads of them :P

Njoy !!!

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