Sunday, August 22, 2010


Rahil messaged me "we raised our sponsorship amount to nearly 1 lakh !!!" I couldn't have been more happier. It was great to know the juniors have started to put all their efforts in growing the Frcrce C.S.I to greater heights. Then he lied about missing me in the council. I miss the running around and the chance to teach and learn among technical illiterates like me. The hustle bustle and the brunt of professors down our throats and being held responsible for screw ups and no gratitude for the accomplishments over the years are the most cherished memories of my 4 year technical massacre.
Some images of the C.S.I - OS installation seminar with Sasha Mac-ing away. Best of luck guys
Location Fr.C.R.C.E Bandra (w). Purpose was to make it easy for ignorant users to learn easy ways to install different OS's in an attempt to learn different systems and analyse their pros and cons.

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