Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Javascript top 11 websites

REBLOGGED FROM Angus Croll's blog http://javascriptweblog.wordpress.com/

These are the JavaScript blogs that I am repeatedly drawn to. Their emphasis is on the language itself. Real code, real situations. Enjoy!

Dmitry Baranovskiy, author of famed Raphael vector graphics engine. Updated fairly infrequently but always high quality

Juriy Zaytsev (aka kangax) part of the Prototype.js team and all-round JavaScript good-guy. JavaScript wisdom from the master. Also best URL ever.

Alex Young et al. My first stop every morning. True to the URL – new stuff daily. Crystal clear JavaScript commentary and new product info. Added bonus – every Thursday Alex talks you through building his very own JavaScript framework.

Peter Michaux. I came across this site fairly recently but already finding plenty of absorbing content. This one, for example, is a gem

Andrea Giammarchi. Sometimes hard to follow – often controversial, but the product of a brilliant and fiercely independent mind. Well worth the effort

Dion Almaer et al. My other daily fix. I hesitated to add this at first because its less JavaScript centric than the other sites, but its the best site for keeping up with the latest HTML5 and CSS trickery and also shares some very nifty JavaScript solutions.

Ben Cherry. Great coder, intrepid investigator, skillful communicator, great attitude. I learned a lot.

Oliver Steele. Mr Functional JavaScript himself – a huge inspiration to me, he seems to be on the front end of almost every javascript-lambda pattern out there. Discovering his Functional.js library was like finding gold. Plenty of other goodies in here too.

Nicholas C. Zakas. Author of a slew of excellent JavaScript books. A new gem every week and takes the time to explains some of those pesky JavaScript quizzes that are popping up everywhere (including his own)

Robert Nyman. I came here for this (read it!) and stayed for the rest. Look for “JavaScript series” in the sidebar (there’s much more of interest besides)

Thanks Angus for the awesome list and yea the 11th its his blog itself http://javascriptweblog.wordpress.com/

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