Saturday, October 23, 2010

to dB or not to dB

Personally not a big fan of Database technologies. I have only been exposed to PostgresSql and MySql and Oracle but haven't done anything advanced which I can call it as a skill. From what I remember the most screwy query that I have executed is importing and exporting about 2 gigs of some DBpedia file in postgres and still screwed up the DB pretty well.

Exploring as usual I stumbled upon this MongoDB what caught my eye was JSON-style documents with dynamic schemas offer simplicity and power. Already aware of JSON format and having worked on a JSON-RPC kinda modules, I assumed it was some sort of retrieval format of data. Clicking leads me to BSON specs (scroll to the examples and drag the mouse over the BSON format). Going back to MongoDB I goto the obvious tutorial section which leads me here . What an awesome tutorial !!! 
soon :
sudo apt-get install mongodb

sudo easy_install pymongo

didnt work so easily had to get help something about error while loading shared libraries:, I am guessing the xulrunner package issues.
So here goes :

Have fun playing around with this new schemaless, document-oriented, NoSQL database and its abundant array of drivers.

PS : I found a link to ... I have read few things about Node.js but what is this now !!!

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